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About Us Bright Maritime Corp. is one of the world's leading human resource companies in the shipping industry of crew manning and management. Our service is anchored on building strong human resource links for all our Principals and Crew. For the same reason our company is designed to support the crew needs of ship owners who require a professional partner for the manning of their vessels. Vision To maintain its well-earned through the years place in the manning sector, by providing continuous quality services to our Principals and Filipino seafarers, thereby attaining standards of excellence. To be at the forefront of crew management where our seafarers are deemed highly as our partners.
Mission Deploy seafarers who are disciplined, competent, physically and mentally fit for sea duty. Applying the best marketing practices for each shipowner we serve and their vessels. Maintaining good communication between our customers and seamen. We have a round the clock presence for our customers and crew as solution providers. Seeking continuous improvement, effectively tackling our customers' feedback. We keep a quality management system which meets international standards.
Services Bright Maritime Corporation is a global leader in the ship manning industry. POEA's dynamic collaboration is to provide continuous employment and render high quality services to our Principals and crew. Why Choose us We achieve to stay at the top of the business field, using the best marketing tools at hand: "OUR EXPANDING POOL OF PRINCIPALS" With cooperation as an asset, any Principal manages to:

Aiming high is a constant goal. Our target is to allocate our valued seafarers to Principals who boost their morale, make the crew feel happy and loyal to the company.

Interact with the management system of Bright Maritime Corp. to get the crew approved.


Evaluate how appropriate the suggested crew is based on the relevant requirements.


Assess both the morality and professionalism of every seafarer, through the eyes of our Greek Representative (Port Captain).


Maintain a quality pool of qualified and competent seafarers.


Conserve a high percentage retention rate for former-crew.

Be constantly informed about the overall status of their line-up crew.


Be immediately notified about the availability of their former-crew.


View anytime/anywhere documents of any crew on-board.


Be updated about on-board promotions of their crew.


Plan in advance the crew's schedule with near-to-end contracts.

Our PERSONAL ATTENDANCE, ethical values and long-term expertise in crew management, make for our principals all the above a reality.

Quality & Safety

Quality and Safety. Two significant values in line with one another.


To achieve this we bind ourselves to:


Uphold and continuously develop a Quality Management System that conforms with International Standards, provide confidence in constantly fulfilling customer requirements.


Commit in the compliance of MTC/NAC, Foreign License, MARINA, ISM-STCW and other regulatory requirements. Also, commit in meeting POEA, local government (Business Permits and Licenses) & other statutory requirements.


TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT is applied to every aspect of our activity;

Quality & Safety is everyone's main responsibility, thereby maintaining our prestige as consistent POEA Top Performance Awardee.



Safety policy is highly observed by our objectives of:

  • Highlighting safety awareness for the crew.
  • Help prevent accidents, injuries and onboard illness
  • Contribute in having a safe and smoothly operated vessel and pollution free environment.
  • Help avoid damages to vessels and properties.


The company policy together with the Principal is to safeguard the crew employed against injuries and incidents. The company focuses on the crew and office staff. All tasks onboard shall be performed with due respect to safety, health, property and environment protection. Bright Maritime Corp. also ensures that shipboard personnel are reminded of their respective safety and environmental protection awareness and consciousness to become actively involved in identifying possible hazards, implementing preventive and corrective actions and constantly monitoring all points of their working environment to ensure safety conditions prevail to all times.


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