The country remains to be the

world’s top source of seafarers

with around 229.000 Filipinos on board merchant shipping

vessels around the world at any given time.

The Worldwide crew industry

Filipino seafarers comprise more than 25 percent of the 1.5 milion mariners worldwide, making them the single biggest nationality in the global shipping industry.

Filipinos are employed as seamen worldwide more than any other nationality. According to an article in one out of every five seamen in the world is in Filipino. The  Philippines is the primary source of seafarers in the global shipping and transport market.

Filipino seamen are recruited to man bulk, tanker and all types of vessels from all countries, including those from North America, South America, Europe and Asia, such as Japan, the United States, Panama, Liberia, Cyprus, Bahamas, Jamaica, Greece, Malta, Singapore, Norway and Germany.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront in the field of crew management where our seafarers are deemed highly as our partners.

To maintain its established leadership position in the manning sector, achieved through the years, by committing to provide continuous quality services to our Principals and Filipino seafarers thereby attaining standards of excellence.


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