Bright Maritime Corporation as global

leaders in ships manning

industry and POEA’s dynamic collaborator in providing continuous employment is committed to render high quality service to our Principals…

by providing them qualified seafarers that satisfy their requirements and expectations taking into consideration applicable IMO codes and conventions as well as other relevant regulatory and statutory requirements. To allocate our valued seafarers to principals who boost their welfare and morale thus gaining full satisfaction and loyalty from them.

Quality Policies

To achieve this goal we bind ourselves to:

Uphold and continuously

develop a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of the international standards in order to provide confidence in ability to consistently fulfill customer requirements.

Plan and implement

training courses within the field of competence that will equip the seafarers with the skills that their job, their safety and environmental protection demand.

Commit to the compliance of

MTC/NAC, FOREIGN LICENSE, MARINA, ISM-STCW and other regulatory requirements. Likewise commit to the compliance of POEA, LOCAL GOVERNMENT Business Permits and Licenses and other statutory requirements.

Deploy seafarers

who are competent, disciplined, physically, socially & mentally fit for sea duty.

Render services

on our crew welfare, such as financial remittance, P & I, Legal, loan assistance, social security system, health and shall develop a program that caters for our crew wellbeing.

Provide promotion Opportunities

for professional growth and development as well as an environment conducive to employees’ efficiency and work gratification.

Develop marketing

strategy that attracts excellent officers and crew to our Principals.

Build and Maintain

beneficial relationship with all parties involved.

Total quality management shall be applied to every aspect of our activity and quality shall be the responsibility of everyone, in every aspect, throughout BRIGHT MARITIME CORP. therapy maintaining our prestige as consistent POEA Top Performance Awardee.

Safety & Environmental Policies

Bright Maritime Corp. shall in all the undertakings observe the following objectives:

To contribute in the prevention of accidents, injuries, onboard illnesses and loss of life at sea anytime. To contribute in avoiding damage/s to vessels and property/ies. To contribute in having a safe and smoothly operated vessel and a pollution free environment. To enhance the safety awareness of the crew joining vessels.

The company policy in cooperation with that of the Principal is to safeguard the crew employed against injuries and incidents. The company shall emphasize to the crew and the office staff that all work on board and in the office shall be performed with due regard to safety, health, property and environment.

Bright Maritime Corp. has identified safety and the environment as two vital areas of concern that need to be effectively safeguarded to prevent unnecessary injuries, loss of life, damage to health and property and degradation of the environment. The company has embraced the IMO’s International Safety Management Code as applicable to its scope of operations.

The company shall ensure that office staff and shipboard personnel are constantly reminded of their respective safety and environmental protection awareness and consciousness to become actively involved in identifying possible hazards, implementing preventive and corrective actions and constantly monitoring all aspects of their working environment to ensure safety conditions prevail at all times.


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